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So you have a fantastic web development company, you know how to source your clients, you got some excellent work done, but you keep getting asked if you can "get my site to page 1?"

Offering SEO will not only give your development company more credibility and the ability to compete with the bigger corporations, it will also enable you to land those all important bigger and better contracts. Let's not forget the fact that once you launch a fabulous new site you will be able to continue to receive recurring income from that client!

You may even be missing out on some development contracts! Studies have shown that SMEs like to get their web development and web marketing from the same source and lets be honest, it does make sense.

Well fear not my friend, Wonderlabs is here to fix that for you. We will give your company that all-important extra weapon in your arsenal, SEO!

Once you have an account with Wonderlabs, It is as straightforward as logging in, selecting the campaign you wish to run with, filling in a few details about your client and their website and activating it. From that point, you will receive an initial extremely in-depth technical report on the website itself and point out any areas that need to be addressed before the “off-site” phase of the campaign takes place, one of our expert team will walk through all of the detailed aspects of the report over the phone with you and guide and assist you in implementing those changes. After all, you built the site we’re sure you would not want anyone else to modify it, unless you wanted us to, then that can also be arranged.

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