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Selling Search Services

Okay so you have decided to start selling Search Engine Marketing services, but where do you go from here? Well, one of the first things to think about is how much you going to charge, what is your pricing structure going to be? Secondly will take a look at preparing some pitches you will deliver to you clients when you are ready to sell your new services. Then we’ll move on to how to integrate those into your business seamlessly, luckily search marketing and optimisation goes hand-in-hand with web development and most clients today expect web development companies to offer these services as standard.

Pricing structure

Unlike many other SEO resellers out there, our wholesale prices are priced at a level that enables you to be as flexible as you wish even giving you the scope to undercut many companies in this market; whilst still leaving room for a healthy profit.

Our recommended markup is 25%; this is still below the UK average for these kind of services so will enable you to be competitive. Of course, that is only our recommendation, and of course, you can set any markup you wish but obviously do not price yourself at the market that would be silly.

Integrating Search Services into your business

As previously mentioned SEO goes well with web development, in fact, the two go hand in hand and most clients who go to web a development company also expects them to be offering these services.

As web developers, you should not find it too difficult to add a new section onto your own website. Add a pricing table and list of SEO your services. One of our friendly team will assist you in building up a list of the services and unique selling points.

Finally, think about your own businesses marketing strategy, do you do email marketing radio marketing or press marketing? Do not forget to mention your new services. Remember people looking for SEO may end up having a website developed by you and Visa-Versa. It is a perfectly packaged solution.

So you're ready to pitch...

Firstly it is essential to identify what your clients level of knowledge is on search marketing and optimisation. Running an online business, you will find that most clients are fully versed in, and understand the benefits of SEO, but there will be the odd one or two who do not know anything about this at all, so you must be prepared. (Read More)

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