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In today's market, Search Engine Marketing is one of the service industries services that are growing, exponentially! Whether you are freelancing or own a design and development web agency, an SEO service provides a prominent opportunity to support an ongoing, potentially lucrative relationship with your customers.

As is quite often the case with web development agencies, once a site has been built there is little reason or even opportunity in continuing an ongoing relationship with the client. This is where selling our services picks up those pieces; it offers you the chance to maintain a close client relationship and generate a recurrent revenue stream.

If you are just offering web design and development, do you not think that it may be time to start expanding your horizons? Your competitors are! Most clients who require web design and development as a service will almost certainly require search optimisation to some degree. Why not offer that all-in-one package to your clients?

Clients investing in a website design and build (or rebuild) will almost always require some degree of search optimisation (whether they know it or not). The conscious decision to have a website built usually means they want to take their business to the next level. As web developers, you know that a website on its own is nowhere near enough to realise a dream of a successful business. Here, your offering of an SEO contract is just what they need. Adding search marketing to your client’s package will mean they will more successful and ultimately more loyal to you, as a company, for helping them get there (this could bring repeat business and further recommendations).

Now, its true that some clients paying money to have a website built will not realise (or even heard of), SEM is an essential ingredient to making their dream of web success a reality.

“No-one spending money on a website wants to see it never get any visitors, do they?”

As a web developer, your client has already placed that all-important trust in you, after all you are trusted with building their entire online presence and the way the public will perceive them!

One thing that any business owner does not like doing is evaluating trust in multiple companies, if they have already invested their trust in you in building their site they will almost certainly take SEO from you, rather than finding and evaluating an entirely new company offering SEO.

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