For our Twitter followers watching us on Friday, you would have seen some of our wonderful tweets from the BrightonSEO conference. First of all we would like to thank all the speakers that attended and emparted their great experience and knowledge on marketing, advertising and everything SEO. We would like to make a few nods to our favourite speakers of the day…

  • David Trott ( @davetrott ) on his absolutely fantastic insight to the world of marketing and his “Predetory Thinking”
  • Steph Troeth ( @sniffles ) for an amazing view on user interface design / experience.
  • Beccy Weeks ( @beccyweeks ) for openly talking about her experience with black-hat techniques and the result they had and why they do not use it now.

Well what a long day it had been; 9 solid hours of in-depth talks about the wonderful world of SEO and why it is becoming more important than ever for small and large businesses to get hold of a good SEO firm to take them to the top. There are many nay-sayers going around at the moment spreading uneducated rumours about how SEO is a dead duck but this simply is not true (you ask any one of the 1800 people who attended!), we had attendees from the likes of Autotrader, Ford and MoneySupermarket talking about how SEO is considered one of the most important strategies in their business today. With more and more businesses turning their attention to the web as a way of attracting new customers, SEO is the only way of making sure that an online venture is seen above the competition. SEO DEAD?!? It’s only just getting started! Take a look at some snaps of our day below.


Wonderlabs SEO takes it to the next level

Well what a busy old month it has just been! In the last 6 weeks we have expanded our company, moved offices and developed and launched a new website, phewwww that was a lot of work.

We are very proud of our new digs here at the University of Sussex, it has allowed us to tap into resources that are going to allow us to offer our clients a service that is now even more amazing than before ( it was always pretty darn good anyway, to be honest! ).

Our site was made to be more accessible for all and put a fun twist on what is otherwise quite a drab subject ( very reflective of us :-) )

We have so much to tell you all over the coming weeks so check back regularly for updates, expert tips and the odd funny stuff.