Google Penguin Update

 So, were you hit by the Penguin?

Ninja Penguin pic

If you’ve lost traffic recently it will help to know when you were affected. Start by checking your Wordtracker or Google Analytics account. Look at your traffic in Google Analytics: when did the drop-off start? If you have one, check the search engine rankings (SERPs) in your Wordtracker account, too. When did your rankings drop?

It might be difficult to say exactly, given that all the changes arrived in such close succession. But, the timings may help you identify which changes you’ve been affected by. Let’s look in more detail at what those changes were, when they happened, and what you can do about them. Blog spam (mid March) Blog spam refers to the practice of linking blogs in such a way that, if you post one article on one blog, it will be re-posted automatically to all the other blogs in that network. It’s quite common for webmasters who pay for their links to get them this way, as it means they can get more links with less effort. Google has been monitoring these systems and, if it stops them, could devalue the links from those sites or actively penalize you. Google will usually send a warning to your Webmaster Tools account, so check this. But if a lot of your links have come from schemes like this, you’ll probably see a significant loss of rankings. Equally, if sites that link to you have these sorts of links, you could also be affected.