SEO Brighton | The UKs own Silicon Valley

SEO BrightonIt’s official, Brighton has produced more successful entrepreneurs over the last ten years than any other city in the UK.

It is not surprising really, due to the wealth of fantastic opportunities and support for new start-ups in this city. In fact Brighton & Hove has some of the best start-up and support grants available, making it the place to be if you have an idea for a business that you want to put into action.

On a day-to-day basis we here at Wonderlabs SEO talk to many entrepreneurs and small start-up companies all over Brighton and the general feedback we get is that Brighton has everything a new business could ever need when venturing in the world of business, especially those venturing into on-line businesses.

Silicon valley of the UK

Business owners are spoilt for choice when it comes to developing a presence on the internet in Brighton, as this “silicon valley” of the UK has a plethora of web development companies, PR companies, copywriters and graphic artists and as of late some really high quality SEO and Search Engine Marketing companies, of which we are very proud to have been placed in that class.

Many of the older businesses we have spoken to in Brighton have told us stories of how they have thrown tens of thousands of pounds down the drain on traditional forms of marketing; whilst at the same time neglecting to pay attention to their website, in fact many older businesses never saw their website as a potential source for generating new business and instead only had it built because “everyone else had one”.

With these businesses we take our time to teach them about how effective their website can be in generating new customers and explain why more and more people are using the internet to find products and services and why it is important for them to be within the search results.

SEO Brighton conference

I always like to refer back to the SEO Brighton conference we attended last september. One of the most inspirational speakers that day was a marketing genius named Dave Trott, in fact Mr Trott did not really understand the technicalities of SEO at all as he was a “traditional marketer” but fully understood the power and importance of getting your website into Googles’ search results. He went on to explain that “90% of traditional advertising goes un-noticed”.

When a business thinks about how much it has spent on newspaper advertising, TV and Radio; to only have 10% of that even get noticed is shocking, when for a much smaller amount of investment they can gain exposure on the internet, after all the facts speak for themselves “90% of people now look online for products and services before any other media”.

That is not to say that traditional forms of marketing should be ignored in fact quite the opposite but imagine you hear a product being advertised on the radio, you get to the office and Google the product you just heard about but what you find is that the website is found way down on page 5 and the website itself is awful; just how many people do you think will be put off buying from that company? psssst around 70%, thats how many!!!

If you are a Brighton based business that is looking to make its mark on the internet, give Wonderlabs SEO a call and have a no obligation chat to one of our friendly technical staff (not salesmen!).