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Let's be honest pushing your site up the search ranking is not fun; it is time consuming, repetitive not to mention requiring a massive learning curve (if you want to do it right). In fact, many businesses waste so much time on trying to keep up with competitors, with their own DIY SEO skills, they loose sight of what’s important; their own business!

Here's why we help

Why not let our team of uber SEO geeks take all that work out of your hands? Leaving you to concentrate on running your business and being the best you can be in your market. After all if you wanted to spend all your time on marketing you would have started a web marketing company.

Why do I need SEO/SEM

If you have any online presence at all (website) and you are advertising or even running your business from it, then you need SEO. No one went into business and thought “I do not want my business to do well” did they?

From a business perspective, SEO can be summed up in one straightforward equation. “Better search engine position = More users to your site = More successful business”

Outsourcing overseas, a big no-no

Unlike some web marketing companies out there today, we are a UK based firm, that means all the work is done from our offices at the University of Sussex right here in Brighton and not outsourced to any overseas company who does not understand the UK market place or who has skills that may be questionable at best!

90% of all new business is searched on the Internet first

That is right, and we’ll say it again 90% of all new business starts with a search on the Internet, a staggering figure we know but a fact non-the-less. In a survey done last year, 90% of new customers (over 487 businesses) either found them doing an internet search or heard of them then looked for their website, which ultimately resulted in new business. Can you imagine what someone would think if they could not find your site, or you were not in the top 30 listings at least?

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Our Strategy

We are not just a set-&-forget agency we have a strategy.
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When we say World class features as standard we really do mean it.
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