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On Site analysis and optimisation

When you first come to us, our first port of call is to run through your website with an extremely sensitive toothcomb. We will inspect every element of your website and produce an amazingly detailed report. The report will include changes that will be required to your site in order to give you an immediate edge over your competitors.

Unlike many SEO firms, we do not just look at your meta tags rather look right into the core of your site and determine things like “does your site automatically redirect non-www to the www version (or Visa-Versa)” as this is often something that is overlooked but can make a tremendous difference. Additional things will include sitemap generation and Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools integration.

Once this has been completed, you can choose to have the on-site work carried out by your own team or we can do it for you if required.

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Off Site analysis and optimisation

Ok so that’s one of the big ones out of the way, now we will start on the stuff that’s undoubtedly going to set you apart from the rest.

Again, before we take action we like to do our homework. We will look into any backlinks you currently have; whether that be from social networks such as Facebook or Twitter or other websites and feeds and rank the value those links. With new Google updates, it is now possible for some links to have a negative effect on your SEO rankings (such as reciprocal links), so we will identify these and get to work on removing them a.s.a.p! As not to hinder any performance moving forward in the campaign.

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Backlink Campaign

As most people will be aware, having links back to your site improves your rankings in the search engines. What most people (and some so called SEO companies) do not realise is that there are good backlinks and bad backlinks; this is especially true now after the Google Penguin update. We carefully put a custom campaign together of sites we to target in order to get a one-way links. This will be done with an almighty mix of different types of websites.

Any websites that require content, such as press releases and articles sites, we will research and write keyword rich articles by hand. We do not auto generate them with computers like many others do; they only result in unacceptable, unreadable content for the web that no-one will want to read; Google et al will consider bad articles as spam and discount any links from these articles!

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Keyword analysis

Once we have completed extensive research into your company and market we will go about selecting only the best keywords to use in your campaign.

We have a particularly keen eye for spotting keywords that can rocket your site into top spots remarkably quickly. Obviously we will also take into account any keywords that you wish to target.

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Social Network bookmarks and backlinks

We target some of the worlds most read and used social networks, many of which, you will of head of, some you may not.

Today social media counts for a lot and aside from the gain you will get from the search engines seing these links; users will be able to “see and share” these links too.

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Award winning monthly reporting

Our reporting system is one of the most sophisticated tracking and reporting systems on the market; that’s not to say it will be overcomplicated to read, only that its accuracy is second-to-none, and clarity of information is superb. You will receive monthly updates on how your site is improving in the leading search engines and how people are finding your site

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Our Strategy

We are not just a set-&-forget agency we have a strategy.
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