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What is Search Engine Optimisation?

People choose services at the top

You know when you’re searching for a plumber in your area on Google? How likely is it that you’ll call any of the plumbers that are after page 1 on your search results? Pretty low, right? These days, exposure is the key for your business and that’s where we come in.

So what's the definition?

In its most basic form SEO and SEM are the employment of various strategies and techniques that will enable a website to climb higher up a search engines results page thus having more exposure to the public when looking for keywords related to your site.

Why is it important?

Internet marketing has become one of the single most important requirements in business today. Put simply, if you have an online shop, catalogue, brochure or general company information site and you’re lurking in the abyss of Google search results, your website is going to be practically invisible to people looking for your services. By employing a good e-marketing strategy, we can move that site up into the top three pages or even the first page of results. This is where a business can really gain exposure, get noticed and essentially drive more business.

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