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Wonderlabs SEO FAQ

1. Web marketing company who are endorsed by Google, is this true?

Absolutly not, you must steer well clear of any company who claim they are endorsed by Google, they are most likly to be a scam. That said, Genuine SEO companies such as Wonderlabs SEO have been crying out for Google to provide some kind of certification (not Adwords Cert that doesnt count) in the SEO world as it currently is an unregulated market and certification would seperate the fakes from the genuine.

2. Isn't it just a case of adding meta tags to your site?

Not at all, in fact Google doesn't even look at your meta tags anymore, in todays world you would be much better off spending time writing some good content for you site than packing your header with meta tags. SEO / SEM is a combination of many different techniques such as getting links from other sites to point to yours, social bookmarking et al.

3. Can you cheat your way to the top? (Black Hat SEO)

It is possible and many people do try it everyday but be warned Google and the other search engines are exceptionally brilliant at spotting Black-Hat SEO, you may get away with a week or so but as soon as they spot it you site will be removed from the search engine never to be found again, this could potentially be the end for your online business. Wonderlabs SEO only engage in White-Hat SEO (the kind that is recommended by Google) that will ensure your results will last and conform to guidelines.

4. Can I just pack my content with keywords?

While you should make every effort to include the keywords and keyphrases in all of your content, it is a very bad idea to overfill your content with these keywords, especially since the Google Penguin update, this is one of the factors they look at, if you have too many they will penalise for it.

5. How long do I need to have SEO for?

Search Engine Marketing is an ever continuing process, well at least it should be. Many people think that an ranking boost is possible, whilst this may be true it will only last for a few weeks at best. Consider a product you see on TV, if it were only advertised once ever, they may get a few people go out and buy it but what then? People would forget about it and a competitor that has TV ads on everyday will take all your customers. The same applies to SEO / SEM.

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