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On-site SEO is part of the SEM (Search Engine Marketing) strategy that looks into the website and the pages itself. Nowadays, pushing your site up in Google is a lot more than just building a few backlinks from other sites.

Your website needs to be optimised internally. Wonderlabs will produce an extremely detailed report on your website and provide you with a detailed breakdown of what needs to be changed, improved and amended on your site.

Most of the changes will actually be to the back-end code and so will not affect the look or feel of your website; unless we spot real doozy. You can have your web development team undertake the work or give us a ring if you would prefer us to do it for you.

Below is a short list of just some of the factors we look at.

On Site Campaign Quick Checklist

  • Base Keyword Meta and Content Optimisation
  • Site Wide Page Title and Meta Updates
  • Blog Integration
  • XML Sitemap Integration
  • RSS Integration (Website)
  • RSS Integration (Blog)
  • Social Bookmarking Integration

Google has launched a new update to how they rank and display websites in their results; this update is called Penguin. With Penguin, one of the main aspects is its emphasis on on-site optimisation, that is, it is now looking more closely how your site is built and arranged, looking for spam or duplicate content along with many other on-site factors. We will generate a report detailing all of your sites factors and elements that need updating to comply with the new Penguin update. Since this update, "on site" has become an even more crucial area to look at.

Your site now falls into an imaginary "Goldilocks Zone", meaning that a site with no on site optimisation will not rank, but at the same time sites with over-optimisation can be penalised just as hard. A careful balance has to be struck for Google to now consider your site as worthy but not spam.

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